CUCC Kings is associated with Victorian Cricket Registration (VCR) which is our club's access point to the National Club Risk Protection Programme to provide public liability, personal injury and management liability insurance for Australian cricket clubs.

The National Club Risk Protection Program is a nationally negotiated insurance and risk protection program that provides comprehensive coverage for Associations, Clubs, volunteers, coaches and players. It is designed to save clubs time, effort and money and provide enhanced cover and services for the cricket community.

What’s Covered
In general, all cricket activities are covered. This includes matches, training, functions, meetings and the likes. The Programme provides competitively broad protection across these areas.

Who is Covered?
Members of the JLT (Australian Cricket) Discretionary Trust including players, umpires, volunteers etc. CUCC Kings Subscriptions covers player insurance and automatic enrolment to the above Trust

Coverage Limits & Excess
Capital Benefits
$100,000 maximum
$250,000 maximum Quad/Para

Non-Medicare Medical
85% reimbursement
Maximum $5,000 per claim
$50 excess per claim

Loss of Income
Up to $500 maximum per week
14 day elimination period^
^The excess period applicable is 14 days, unless your sick leave balance exceeds this, in which case your sick leave balance becomes your excess period.

JLT (Australian Cricket) Discretionary Trust (JDT) Arrangement

See below for more information about the National Club Risk Protection Program, Player Insurance Claim form. Keep this information handy should there be an incident/injury on-field, nets and or around the venue. Please download these forms, fill it out, scan and send it to the email address listed on the form.


  1. Personal Injury Claim Form
  2. General Liability Claim Form
  3. Asset Protection Claim Form
  4. Asset Protection Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  2. Personal Injury Insurance General Information
  3. Personal Injury Policy Schedule
  4. Public Liability Insurance General Information
  5. Medicare vs Risk Protection
  6. Game Day and Training Checklist Guidelines
  7. Inspection and Checklist
  8. Checklist Case Study